Leslie K. Howell

Family Law Lawyer and Mediator in Burbank

There are a few decisions you will need to make in order to settle your case. Besides choosing a method to use (such as mediation and collaborative law), you will need to make sure you and your mediator and/or lawyer are a good fit. Leslie Howell is an experienced yet passionate mediator and lawyer. She cares because she understands what parties in your situation are going through.

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Our Approach

When emotions run high, it may be critical that other professionals are brought in to settle your case, such as divorce coaches, a neutral financial specialist, child specialist, realtors and tax attorneys. While the professionals work as a team for you, they should not bill you as a team. Ask Leslie whether a collaborative or mediation team would be cost effective for your case.


Leslie earned her B.A. in 1998 and J.D. in 2001, at the University of Southern California. She was admitted into the State Bar of California in 2001 and has been practicing family law since, including divorce, child custody, child support, spousal support, and community property issues.

Leslie has attended numerous formal trainings in mediation and collaborative divorce. Through these processes, she empowers parties to creatively resolve their concerns with integrity and promote a successful future for their families without a court appearance.

Mission statement

Our goal at Burbank Amicable Divorce Services is to help couples and families resolve their concerns peacefully and efficiently regarding the children, finances, and property without going to court.


Although Leslie’s focus is on settling cases, she continues to litigate in Los Angeles County. The fact that she continues to litigate gives her insight into current judicial trends, which is quite valuable at settlement meetings.

If you have a family law matter that you wish to resolve amicably, Leslie can keep your costs down through mediation, collaborative law or limited scope representation (where she can do certain tasks for you but you continue to represent yourself).

EXPERIENCE + Dedication = results

Leslie Howell is a consummate professional. A knowledgeable, caring, aggressive attorney that not only takes care of business but also provides emotional support. Leslie is an experienced, compassionate mediator and lawyer.

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