When we mediate divorce cases at Amicable Divorce Services, almost all of our clients choose to mediate without paying their lawyers to be present at the mediation. You have the option to have your attorneys present or mediate without lawyers. Leslie Howell is an attorney who serves as a neutral mediator without choosing sides.

As a consulting lawyer, Leslie works to ensure that there is a balance of power so that one spouse does not force the issue with the other spouse.


Be aware that family law settlements are not agreed to by the lawyers. The parties are the ones who accept or reject the terms of the divorce agreement. The lawyers work with each other to bring the spouses closer to agreement, but we lawyers must discuss the terms with our clients and it's a back and forth process. Many of my clients prefer this rather than sitting in the same room with her/his soon-to-be ex.


At Amicable Divorce Services we will explain your rights to you. Typically we only charge you for the the time we spend with you reviewing your documents or counseling you. If you spend an hour or two with us, then you just pay that amount at the end of your meeting.

There's no BIG retainer fees for consulting with us, it's Pay As You Go!


Sometimes when trust is a big issue, a spouse may want to see a consulting lawyer to review the Judgment at the end of the mediation sessions. When we have a mediating spouse who wants legal counsel throughout the mediation process, they typically pay as they go. Saving them tons of money as opposed to paying a retainer fee.

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