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Financial Disclosure Documents Mandatory in All California Divorces

Remember, if you are divorcing in California, you are required by Family Code, Section 2104 to serve a completed packet of financial documents called a Preliminary Declaration of Disclosure packet and also a Final Declaration of Disclosure packet. Some of the documents are filed with the court and some are not. In addition, there is a way to waive the second set of financial disclosures under certain circumstances.

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Often amicable parties attempt to process their own court documents or have an on-line or paralegal service help with their documents and filings. Here at Amicable Divorce Services, we are happy to help correct and re-file court papers properly so that the case can be finalized.

After parties get frustrated receiving their documents back from the court clerk for various insufficient reasons, they come to us to get it completed

We frequently assist clients to get their divorce judgments finalized through the courts on a limited scope basis.