Joint Custody or Sole Custody?

In California, the courts tend to prefer that the parents share joint physical and legal custody of the children.

Sole custody is typically ordered when one parent is incarcerated, has committed domestic violence, lives far away, has a drug or alcohol addiction, or has neglected or abused the child(ren).

The fact that parents raise the children very differently may have no bearing on your custody order. Furthermore, accusing the other parent of being a “bad parent” often isn’t enough to obtain an order for sole custody unless the “bad parenting” involves some kind of abuse or neglect or a drop in school grades. The best interest of the child often doesn’t include whether the other parent bathes the child right before returning him/her, dresses the child in clothes that might not fit perfectly, buying the child cheaper shoes than the other parent might, let’s the child stay up late sometimes, etc.

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