How Can We Fix Our Papers Prepared by a Paralegal or Legal Zoom?

At Amicable Divorce Services, many of our clients come to us to fix their botched divorce or custody documents that they had prepared by a paralegal or Legal Zoom. You really don’t want to experiment with Petitions, or Judgments (or Marital Settlement Agreements). If you’re going to do them, please do them right.

Not all paralegals can fill out paperwork properly. Moreover, since they are not allowed to give you any legal advice, the wrong boxes are checked, the Petition is filed in a less efficient courthouse where your case lives out its life, and some of the protections you need are missing. We also try to help clients fix documents that they filled out themselves. As I told my dentist client, “You wouldn’t want me drilling in someone’s mouth, so you may not want to fill out court documents.” I even have non-family-law attorneys file erroneous documents because they don’t practice family law and they are really guessing at what they’re doing. We don’t just dabble in family law – family law is all we do here at ADS.

We are able to “fix” some of the document problems but not all of them. Some of our clients end up dismissing their case filed by a paralegal or Legal Zoom and they pay to have it re-filed properly. Yes, that can mean paying the $435 filing fee again.

By the way, it usually costs more to fix the erroneous court documents than it would have cost to do it right in the first place.

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