What is Limited Scope Representation

When you hire (retain) an attorney you have the option of paying a high retainer for an attorney of record, or you can hire your attorney on a limited scope basis to perform unbundled services for a fraction of the cost.

With limited scope, you have the opportunity to hire your attorney on a piecemeal, consulting basis. Limited scope attorneys can:   ghostwrite your paperwork, settle your case, make a court appearance with you, consult with you to prepare your case, be your mediation consulting attorney, handle only certain issues, etc.

What is the Least Expensive Divorce Process?

Divorce without going to court is typically the least expensive way to get a divorce. There are different ways that can save you money, such as mediation, limited scope, co-mediation, 2 truly collaborative-minded lawyers, collaborative divorce… There are different levels of cost-effective divorce.

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do it yourself divorce?

Parties ALWAYS have the option to draft their own Petition packets and Judgment packets.

Often amicable parties attempt to process their own court documents or have an online paralegal service help with their documents and filings. Here at Burbank Amicable Divorce Services, we help correct and re-file court papers that were not completed properly, or rejected by the court so that the case can be finalized.


We assist clients to get their divorce judgments finalized through the courts on a limited scope basis.

save money

Let Burbank Amicable Divorce Services prepare you for your next court hearing, saving you money.

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