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Collaborative divorce

There are numerous ways for you and your spouse to obtain a divorce without going to court. The method you select will be based on your interests and concerns.

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Child Custody - Child Support

There are a few ways to resolve your child custody case. Traditionally parents go to court and ask a stranger to order them to parent their child a certain way.

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Mediation In Burbank


Yes it's true that sometimes couples are able to complete the whole mediation process for less than one court appearance.

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Limited scope services lawyer in Burbank, CA

Limited Scope Representation

When you hire (retain) an attorney you have the option of paying a high retainer for an attorney of record, or you can hire your attorney on a limited scope basis to perform unbundled services for a fraction of the cost.

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Consulting Lawyer

Leslie works to ensure that there is a balance of power so that one spouse does not force the issue with the other spouse. Leslie Howell is an attorney who serves as a neutral mediator without choosing sides.

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Document Preparation & Filing

In California, both spouses are required to complete and exchange Preliminary Declaration of Disclosure packets. At Amicable Divorce Services, we offer professional document preparation packages.

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Burbank mediation lawyer


Knowledge is power

Learn about the divorce process BEFORE you file your Petition. This could save you a lot of money and grief. Here at Amicable Divorce Services, we educate spouses who are considering divorce. At your initial consultation, you'll learn about costs, timing, confidentiality versus public record, etc. Read More

affordable divorce services

Litigating your divorce means that you are going to make court appearances and have the judge decide what happens to your money, property, and children.

For more information, call  Burbank Amicable Divorce Services at 626-351-1200 to schedule an appointment to discuss the differences between litigation costs and settlement costs.

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What are your options?

Whether it is a child custody/support case, divorce or legal separation, you need an experienced lawyer that will make sure your interests are covered and protected. Leslie Howell is an experienced, dedicated and compassionate Family Law Lawyer.